Ferenc Karsai Professional supervisor
  Born 1949 in Hungary. Trainer of the Austrian Men's National team since 1995. Two silver medals in the Hungarian National Championship. 3rd place in this year's Austrian „Trainer of the Year” poll.
Elected to be the best trainer of all sports in Austria 2003. Respective Coach of World Team against China 2004 Changsha.
His players:
  1. Werner Schlager - 1st place at World Championship 2003, mixed double European Champion 2003.
  2. Weixing CHEN,
  3. Robert Gárdos,
  4. Konstadin LANGEROV,
  5. Karl JINDRAK - who are the core of Austria's National team.
Attila Halmai Trainer
  Born in Cegléd in 1970, Hungary. He was Hungarian junior champion in 1986. He has been professional league player in different countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Germany for eight years. He is an internationally experienced trainer with degree. At the moment he is a player in the Austrian 2. Division in Kuchl.


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